Best CMS Options Out There


Doing a simple google search one can see the various platforms a person could use in building their website. According to coding is a long forgotten art. No more does a person have to hand code HTML pages and use cascading style sheets. Today, one can simply install a content management system and within a small amount of time one can have a highly polished website displaying the content one wishes to share.

1. WordPress is without a doubt easily the most accessible and the most commonly used CMS. An advantage in using word-press is an easy installation and that there is a huge user and developer community. The result of this is the access to a vast array of plugins and enhancements for the platform a person will find themselves working on.

2. Joomla is another website which has millions of websites running its software. The reason being is due to its easy customization which would make it suitable for any purpose. Joomla is often used by businesses large and small, non-profits and individual use. It helps that there are vast amounts of options to make one’s page to their liking. A person can download a copy of the demo version in order to understand it more thoroughly.

3. ModX is needs little to no knowledge in regards to coding. It is the best CMS application to use for an aspiring CMS platform user. It is easy to use with over 100,000 websites that range from enterprise-scale businesses to sole traders. It is easy to use, which allows non-technical staff to create content, and it affords various advantages such as using different styles on the same page.

4. TextPattern, like ModX, requires a minimalist approach to its customization process and is another ideal solution for producing blogs and corporate sites alike. A useful feature included in this CMS platform is the ability to import content from one to another.

5. Based on the Ruby on Rails framework, RefineryCMS has the same conventions that have made it an success. It adopts a strong focus on the end user when he/she is developing the user interface and providing an easy hook to add new functions. This in turn would redesign both the front end and the administration screens of the platform.

This is just the surface of the various platforms out there. It is important for one to research properly before committing oneself to a task at hand. Happy hunting bloggers and website writers.