Scuba Diving in Costa Rica with Barracuda Here at Drift Blue, we think Scuba Diving is the most fun thing in the World! As a bunch of Scuba enthusiasts, we are always planning our next scuba diving adventure and got frustrated with the lack of reliable information online, so we created this site.
Scuba Diving Palau with Jelly Fish We bring you the hottest dives from around the world, with overviews of each country.... from a divers perspective of course! Pulling together information on all the best dive sites, posting photographs and videos to show you what you are missing out on.
Turtle Why not come aboard, search or browse our vast database of dive sites. Read our first hand country reviews or simply peruse our pelagic dive calendar for inspiration! To find your truly memorable scuba diving holidays.
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    Many Europeans are attracted to Scuba Diving in Egypt for two reasons; firstly it is relatively ...  
  • Mexico
    Mexico is a wonderful destination with a mix of palm fringed resorts to the ancient ruins of the ...  
  • Maldives
    The Maldives hold a special place in the hearts of divers the world over. Often referred to as the ...  
  • Cuba
    Located 145km (90 miles) south of Florida between Jamaica and the Bahamas, Cuba is one of the ...  

Diving Holidays


Our aim is to make finding your perfect scuba diving holiday that bit easier! In the past it we found it hard to compare scuba diving in St. Lucia with scuba diving in the Bahamas, so we set up this free website. We are not in the business of selling diving holidays so all our information is unbiased and based on real world scuba diving experience.


All the dive sites within our database are rated by users of the website so you will be able to compare one dive site with another. Even better than this, we roll up all the dive site ratings to area, state and country level so you compare the average dive site rating in St. Lucia against the Bahamas for example. Simply go to the relevant country, state or area using our simple drop downs at the top of each page.


Searching Our Dive Database


With thousands of scuba diving sites on our website, the easy to use search dive destination form on the homepage will quickly search through all our dive sites and tell you where the best scuba diving locations are based on the criteria you enter.


For example, if wreck diving is your thing you can search specifically for dive sites with ship wrecks. If you love to see larger marine life such as whale sharks, sharks, or dolphins just enter what you would like to see and when you want to go and we will tell you where you can see these marine animals at your specified time of year taking into account migratory patterns!


Or just conduct a wildcard search to see where these animals can be seen. Our unique red, amber and green tick system will tell you by dive site how likely you are to see each type of marine life and at what time of year is best to visit.


Scuba Diving Calendar


Or if you just want to browse our website, why not use our dive calendar to see which areas are best to dive no matter when you plan to travel. Scuba Diving is our passion and we aim to help you find the perfect diving holiday or snorkelling holiday.


Join Our Online Scuba Diving Community


With the numbers of subscribers to Drift Blue growing each day, why not come aboard and join our online diving community! By signing up for a free account you can rate any dive sites you have visited which will contribute not only to the rating of that site, it will also influence the area, country and region average dive ratings!


Once you have signed up and logged in, search for your dive site you are interested in, once on the dive site page select the number of stars you think it is worth.


Above this, once you have set up an account, you can leave comments on any dive site (at the bottom of the page) or add new dive sites to the website through your user account.



Scuba Diving


With hundreds of dive locations across the world here are some of our favourites:

Scuba Diving in Egypt


If you mention scuba diving in Egypt to any European diver, you will no doubt hear of exploits whilst on Red Sea live-a-boards of scuba diving Ras Mohammed with its crystal clear waters and large pelagic marine life or diving the Thistlegorm which feels like stepping back into WW2 or the excellent wall diving in the Blue Hole near Dahab or diving the Canyon near Dahab and looking up at the fish swimming through the shaft of sunlight streaming overhead. For us scuba diving the Red Sea in Egypt is one of the premiere locations due to the world beating mix of world class wrecks, beautiful reefs soft corals and profusion of reef life.


Scuba Diving in Australia


Australia boasts some truly exceptional scuba diving from the whale sharks which visit Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia to scuba diving Queensland where you will find the Great Barrier Reef which is the largest reef structure in the world! Although reaching Australia is a considerable investment in terms of time and money for most European and North American travellers will agree, once you arrive there is enough scuba diving to keep you happy for a very long time!  


Scuba Diving Mexico


With an abundant mix of palm fringed beaches, ancient Mayan ruins and pristine coral reefs, it is unsurprising that Mexico attracts scuba divers from all over the world. If you are considering a holiday in Mexico, we would recommend Playa del Carmen where you can experience the world famous cenotes, these underwater caves are like no other dive experience, with shafts of sunlight illuminating the caves from the jungle above and the amazing light distortions called “haloclines” which are created by the mixing of fresh and sea water, this is one dive location that you will never forget!

The Island of Cozumel is just off the coast near Playa Del Carmen and is known for its exceptional reefs, great drift dives and abundance of marine life. Scuba diving around Cancun is equally as impressive, leading to the obvious conclusion, Mexico is a first rate scuba diving location. 


Scuba Diving in the Maldives


The small group of palm fringed islands known as the Maldives is many peoples idea of paradise. The scuba diving here is truly first rate, with dive sites such as Hanifaru Bay in the north where you can see Manta Rays and diving sites to the south of the Maldives where whale sharks frequently visit alongside plenty of sharks. You have to ask the question, why would I not want to dive here?




Snorkelling can be just as exciting as scuba diving and we know non divers in your family may want to also experience the wonders of the ocean, so where ever possible we comment on each dive site regarding suitability for snorkelers including reef depth current and difficulty of the dive site.



Scuba diving is inherently a hazardous sport so we recommend that you dive with an accredited dive centre, within the limits of your scuba qualification, obtain appropriate insurance and thoroughly check your dive equipment before entering the water to give you peace of mind on your diving holiday. Drift Blue makes every effort to ensure that all our dive sites and related information contained on this website is correct and up to date. Because information is largely collected from third party sources and contains individuals diving reviews and opinions we waive all liability for errors contained on this website and any actions you may take as a result. Should you notice any errors with our data, please let us know and we will correct them as soon as we can.


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